About Us

Shake It Out® pouches and Fitness Flask bottles solves the problem of using rigid containers for mixing supplements, using a unique and innovative design technology. Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask is a plastic, flexible, and disposable mixing pouch, holding up to 12 ounces of liquid, with special technology for mixing powders into liquids for consumption directly from the pouch. Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask mixing pouch uses a proprietary design to enhance the agitation of contents, providing complete dissolution of powders, leaving no clumps of undissolved residue. Flexibility allows manual kneading of pouch.
My name is Jesica Temple. My intention is to empower and inspire men and women to embrace a healthy lifestyle and to reform the way in which people consume powdered supplements. I do this with my patented invention, “Shake it Out”. Most of my work experience has directly concerned food and health, beginning with nearly ten years in the food industry. For three years I was a figure competitor in the sport of body building in which diet and fitness are essential components of training. For eight years I have been a fitness trainer working with clients in gyms. My invention of Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask emerged out of these experiences. I have always been interested in mechanical inventions. I found myself trying to design and invent devices that would overcome client demotivation and failure to complete a course of fitness. I understood most persons require vitamin, mineral, and other supplements to meet their nutritional needs or as therapy for nutrition related disorders. In this context, the difficulties in taking powdered supplements in rigid containers became a significant obstacle for many clients leading them to abandon their custom diet and training, jeopardizing their health. I invented Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask to solve several problems. One problem is the clumping of powder which produces a bitter taste in the mouth when the mixture is consumed. The other problem is the inconvenience of the container which requires washing. I know that I have invented a useful, innovative product. I have invested my own money in its development. I have created a West Virginia company, Innovation Abounds LLC, to produce them and other products.