Partner with Us

Home. Gym. On the go! Regardless of where your busy day takes you, Innovation Abounds LLC has a product that will help you move through your day without sacrificing health and nutrition. Innovation Abounds LLC was incorporated in 2014 and launched its signature Shake It Out® line of products. Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask bottle is a cutting-edge flexible mixing shaker that dissolves powder supplements. Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask bottle make it quick and easy to accomplish your nutrition goals while on the go!    


Here are just a few highlights of a partnership between your company and Shake It Out®:

  • Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask bottles will advance both sales and consumption of your company’s product line as a branded mixing pouch.  Our private label capability allows us to produce shakers that can be designed to present your branding exactly as your company requires – keeping your branding front and center to customers, clients and the general public.  Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask bottles will serve as a form of advertising for your line of consumable powders and as a mobile advertising device.
  • Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask is a convenient, earth friendly, flexible shaker bottle that your customers can use for a variety of food and beverages because it is portable, disposable and recyclable. It makes an excellent travel water bottle – just roll it up, tuck it into your pocket, and fill with water once through airport security.
  • Retail outlets for consumer purchases of dietary supplements are varied and readily accessible. By partnering with Shake It Out® or Fitness Flask your company ensures one-stop-shopping for your customer base - eliminating the need for customers to venture into competitor markets.