It’s Summer time!! ☀️☀️

It’s Summer time!! ☀️☀️

Posted by J. Temple on Jul 1st 2020

Summer is here and no glass by the pool? No problem, get your Fitness Flask! It even floats in the water! Use Code: SUMMER to enjoy 50% off SHAKE It OUT® Fitness Flask … read more
Private Label Shake It Out Shaker!

Private Label Shake It Out Shaker!

Posted by Jesica M. Temple on Oct 27th 2018

We recognize from the get-go that there would be concerns about the lifespan of the Shake It Out shaker, and I want to assure you that our testing has unequivocally revealed that each shaker can be us … read more

A Blurb About Me

Posted by Jesica Temple on Nov 25th 2017

As the CEO of Innovation Abounds, I invented the Shake It Out shaker. I competed on the national stage as a bodybuilder in the National Physique Committee USA Bodybuilding Competition. I am also cer … read more

Accomplish Your Nutritional Goals While On-The-Go!

Posted by Jesica Temple on Nov 4th 2017

We all live busy lives and Shake It Out seeks to support thoes who are on the go in the following ways;1.Convenience. Shake It Out® supports those whose goal is to “Explore” our amazing planet. Shak … read more