It’s Summer time!! ☀️☀️

It’s Summer time!! ☀️☀️

Posted by J. Temple on Jul 1st 2020

Summer is here and no glass by the pool? No problem, get your Shake It Out® or Fitness Flask! They even float in the water! Use Code: SUMMER to enjoy 50% off SHAKE It OUT® or Fitness Fl … read more
Private Label Shake It Out Shaker!

Private Label Shake It Out Shaker!

Posted by Jesica M. Temple on Oct 28th 2018

We recognize from the get-go that there would be concerns about the lifespan of the Shake It Out shaker, and I want to assure you that our testing has unequivocally revealed that each shaker can be us … read more

A Blurb About Me

Posted by Jesica Temple on Nov 25th 2017

As the CEO of Innovation Abounds, I invented the Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask shaker. I competed on the national stage as a bodybuilder in the National Physique Committee USA Bodybuildin … read more

Accomplish Your Nutritional Goals While On-The-Go!

Posted by Jesica Temple on Nov 4th 2017

We all live busy lives, Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask seeks to support those who are on the go in the following ways;1.Convenience. Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask supports those whose goal is … read more