A Blurb About Me

Posted by Jesica Temple on Nov 25th 2017

As the CEO of Innovation Abounds, I invented the Shake It Out® and Fitness Flask shaker. I competed on the national stage as a bodybuilder in the National Physique Committee USA Bodybuilding Competition. I am also certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have successfully trained many clients, helping them to meet their fitness and nutrition goals and live a healthier life.

It was during this time in my life of bodybuilding competitions that I realized, more than ever, the great importance of convenient nutrition and hydration. The shaker is designed to complement your healthy lifestyle with on-the-go nutrition and hydration. Whether you’re shuffling the kids to soccer practice, drinking a protein shake on the way to the gym, or focusing on hydration while hiking the mountains, the Shake It Out® or Fitness Flask shaker will get you through your busy day. The shaker is a lightweight, BPA-free plastic pouch that is easily filled with your favorite beverage or food item and allows for quick, convenient consumption. The molded design is child-friendly, perfect for both big and small hands.

As you can see, fitness is a passion for me – I live it, I teach it, and I train it. I’d like to connect with other entrepreneurs, customers and fitness professionals in this forum.