We all live busy lives and Shake It Out seeks to support thoes who are on the go in the following ways;

1.Convenience. Shake It Out® supports those whose goal is to “Explore” our amazing planet. Shake It Out® can be used for a variety of food and beverages because it is portable, disposable and recyclable. It makes an excellent travel water bottle – just roll it up, tuck it into your pocket, and fill with water once through airport security.

2.Nutrition. Shake It Out® supports those whose goal is to “Discover” iconic structures, old buildings and ancient artifacts by providing student travelers a container within which they can pre-pack their choice of healthy food or beverage for a balanced, on-the-go, diet. Shake It Out® ensures that travelers have easy access to nutritious foods that are vital for good health and wellbeing. Energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals can be pre-packed inside Shake It Out® so travelers can live, grow and function properly, while on the go!

3.Hydration. Shake It Out® supports those whose goal is to “Become” involved in different cultures with broadened horizons. Shake It Out® helps  travelers maintain safe hydration no matter what part of the world the students find themselves in. Shake It Out® is a terrific resource for students who are walking in the heat and elements, and need electrolytes.

4.Cultural Exchange. Shake It Out® makes a lightweight gift to take when traveling. It represents a useful tool for healthy living anywhere in the world. Take them along to give as gifts or trade to other people across the globe.