Private Label Shake It Out Shaker!

Posted by Jesica M. Temple on Oct 27th 2018

Private Label Shake It Out Shaker!

We recognize from the get-go that there would be concerns about the lifespan of the Shake It Out shaker, and I want to assure you that our testing has unequivocally revealed that each shaker can be used up to 20 times.

But I tell you, we’re MOST excited about the opportunity Shake It Out will bring to your company! Shake It Out first, and foremost, is an innovative, cutting-edge product that will have your customers talking. With Shake It Out, you will generate excitment by providing your customers with a one of a kind shaker that will TRAVEL the world with your logo and customers. 

Your supplement powder make for the perfect, on-the-go combination for convenience and nutrition with the Shake It Out flexible shaker. Customers will enjoy the convenience of rolling up the shaker, tucking it into their pocket and filling it with your supplement and liquid. I believe our brands can be mutually supportive, maximizing your customer’s experience through convenient consumption.

Finally, I want to reiterate, that the primary benefit of this partnership is that your private-labeled Shake It Out shaker will be traveling all over the country – Your logo will be seen from Maine to California! Your personally-branded shaker serves as a constant reminder of your product, and your brand, wherever your customers go.

And don’t forget the following benefits of Shake It Out that NO water bottle is going to give you:

  • Cutting edge advertising vehicle.
  • Compactable, space-saving, portable and packable.
  • Creates a buzz and gets people talking.
  • Flexible, interactive experience for end user.
  • Rolls up with the your stick powder for travel convenience.